Our Lady and the Apostles

Although our churches are reopen for Mass, Cardinal Nichols assures us that the obligation to attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days remains removed during these emergency circumstances. The Mass times across our three parishes can be found in the newsletter by following the tab below.

Many of these Masses and Services are recorded and available any time by going to our live stream page and scrolling down to ‘Watch Videos.’

To join us in prayer as a virtual parish family on Live Stream, go to https://www.churchservices.tv/ourladystockport

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Please click on the Newsletter link above to see our MASS TIMES & locations.

Fr Martin Writes:

It is heart-warming that, following my consultation with the teams in our three parishes, I have been reassured of the availability of stewards and cleaners to cover all our Masses till the first week of March. Many thanks to all our incredible volunteers for all your services. They are indeed special acts of Christian witness in our time. Even though we are always happy to have more volunteers, we reiterate, please, that no one should feel under pressure. We trust that you will always feel free to drop out of the rota when you need or wish to do so.

Bishop Mark updates us: ‘we received assurance that the Government does not intend to impose any blanket closure of places of worship in England.  Officials noted that keeping places of worship open is providing benefits to the community and adding no extra burden to the NHS.  However, Local Authorities will enforce closures of places of worship wherever there is evidence of lack of COVID security; and Public Health England will continue mapping exposure risks in different venues across the country.

Please may we all continue to follow the guidelines and the instructions of stewards at all times, not only to ensure maximum compliance, but, above all, for our own safety. Thanks.

BAPTISMS: Unfortunately, we cannot resume the celebration of baptisms as planned. However, we are happy to inform all parents that we are resuming preparations for baptism. The next course will take place on Saturdays: 30 January, 6 February, and 13 February at 10.30 am. This will be open to families who wish their baptism to take place at any of our 3 churches. Please contact us on the above email addresses to register. We invite all our Baptism catechists to please assist us in this.

Children’s Liturgy via Zoom is at 10am every Sunday. For more details please follow us on our Facebook page – Our Lady’s children’s liturgy – or email with any queries to liturgyourladys@gmail.com Look forward to seeing you there!

Online giving to the Parish

The link below will take you to the Online Giving page

For those Parishioners who normally give in the collection at Mass and wish to help the Parish at this time, an online donation page to allow you to donate to the Parish has been added to this website.

Please be aware that a minimum donation of £5 is requested if giving in this way.

The Online giving page can also be used to set up a regular monthly donation, and you can also Gift Aid your donation to help the Parish further.

If you want to Gift Aid your donation, please tick the box shown on the screen even if you have previously completed a Gift Aid Declaration form in favour of the Parish for regular giving made by Offertory Envelope or Standing Order.

Thank you for your support.