Welcome to Our Lady and the Apostles Parish….

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Message from Fr David Long

What more beautiful name or title is there than that of our parish?

Our Lady and the Apostles


These ordinary people were chosen for a special purpose that could not be entrusted to another. When God Invited Mary to be the Mother of Jesus, he waited until she said yes. She was taken by surprise.  Jesus called his first disciples by name in their place of work. He simply said follow me. Their response was immediate. With patience and love, he prepared them to be fishers of men. His instructions were simple: they were to love one another as he loved them.


The mission lives on. The message is the same. In the words of Blessed John Henry Newman, “God has created us for some definite purpose.” We are links in a chain, needing each other and God. We are like living stones, part of a building, with Christ as the cornerstone.


Our Lady’s Church is an architectural gem adding character to the inner landscape of Stockport. Still more beautiful is the living tradition of faith handed down over many generations. We have been entrusted with something precious, to keep alive the flame of faith.


Pope Francis is challenging us anew to be joyful witnesses of our faith. It is the Holy Spirit who gives us Joy.  You cannot advance the Gospel with sad, hopeless, discouraged Christians. Joy attracts, joy exudes positive energy, and joy is beautiful.


I hope that this website gives you a flavour of what is happening in our parish, and that inspired by Our Lady and the Apostles you too can say yes to the vision of Pope Francis the Vicar of Christ in our parish.  “It is a community of communities, a sanctuary where the thirsty come to drink in the midst of their journey, and a centre of constant Christian outreach.”