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Shaw Heath

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The Diocese of Shrewsbury is a Registered Charity 234025

Fr Pat Munroe and Deacon Peter Lafferty.


Date: Sunday 20th July 2014

Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time


First Mass Saturday 7pm - Lucy Ann Core


Joe Ivory



21st July


Funeral Service at Southern Cemetery for Maureen Elizabeth Twaddell


A Holy Hour


Fr Peter Sharrocks Intentions on his Anniversary of Ordination (39)


St. Mary Magdalene

22nd July


Our Lady's School and Parish

Sidebotham Special Intention


St. Bridget R Patron of Europe

23rd July


Jean Herron


A Holy Hour at Evron



24th July


Funeral Service at the Rowan Chapel for Michael Harry Ellis



The Prayer Group meets. All are welcome.


St James Apostle

25th July


Mary Costello


Funeral Service at Manchester Crematorium  for Maureen Hanson


Ss Joachim & Anne, Parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

26th July



From 10am-10.45am; from 6.15pm - 6.45pm and on request.


First Mass of Sunday - Intentions of the Senior Family Group


Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

27th July


Intentions of Kevin Fleming

Your prayers are requested for:

The Sick:

Kevin Fleming, Nick Cook, Hilary Ashcroft, Francesca Ryan, Fr Peter Robertson, Tom Burns, Bernard Stafford, Tim Mapp, Baby Joseph Philip Platt, Tom Connell, Mary Devlin, Thomas Summers, Sylvia Piggott, Peter Callaghan, Barbara Hartley, John Redman, Kath Murray, Hilary (Kane) Rustage, Charles Woods, Veronica Lane, Gertrude Ashton, Brian Cox, Fr John Cairns, Sandra Bannatyne, Sr. Philomena, Rufus Henry, Tricia Woolstencroft, Sofia Cahill, Dorothy Waugh, Aine Carrilline, Irene Houndslow, Gillian Singleton, David Williams, Robert Lo Porto, David Whittaker, Bill Thomas, Margaret Burnell, Frank Pritchard, Jo Bacchas, Miriam Henry.

May God bless them with healing and peace, Amen.

Lately Dead:

Maureen Elizabeth Twaddell, Michael Harry Ellis, Antonio da Cruz Gola. Maureen Hanson.

May they all rest in peace. Amen.


Christopher Little, Jane Ann Watts, Gerald Lahan, Fred Selby Snr. George Ansell, Linda McHugh, Fr Andrew Grant, Joseph Edwin Watts, Mark Houston, Peter Blaydon, Dennis Draycott, Edward O'Connor, Mary Costello, Michael Horan, John Hulme, Hannah McCann. 

May they all rest in peace. Amen.

Today's Gospel - presents us with three parables each depicting a different aspect of God's dream for his people.

   Wheat is sown and is later invaded by weeds.  That the evil flourishes alongside the good creates a problem for human thinking.  God's patience allows it, honouring the gift of free will.      A mustard seed, regarded as the smallest seed. Despite its smallness, the Kingdom will come about, producing a tree that will shelter many.

    Yeast acts invisibly and powerfully does form from within what it is supposed to do; - leaven the whole dough.

Welcome - It is good to have Fr. Tomasz back with us; for him coming back to Our Lady's is a homecoming.  He will be with until the beginning of September, and he will also be assisting in some of our neighbouring parishes.

Holywell and Pantasaph - 6th August.   Arrangements are in hand for Wednesday, 6th August, with departure by coach from Our Lady's at 9 a.m. We will spend the morning in Holywell, known as the Lourdes of Wales, with a three course lunch at Winefride's Guest House, now under the care of the Bridgedine Sisters, and the afternoon at Pantasaph, with time for prayer, and relaxation.  Departure from Pantasaph at 5 p.m. to arrive back in Our Lady's for 6 p.m. The cost inclusive of travel and 3 course cooked lunch is £22. So far there are 20 names on the list; we would like to make that at least 30, with a maximum of 48. Please put your name on the list today.

St. Bernadette's Brinnington - Fr. Pat will be celebrating Mass at 10 a.m. today, and have opportunity to meet with the people afterwards.  Bishop Mark has appointed Fr. Pat to take on responsibility for pastoral care for Bernadette's in addition to being Parish Priest at Our Lady's from the end of this month.  There was a wonderful turn out from the parish and the L.P.A. for the Mass of thanksgiving last Thursday evening to celebrate seventeen years of service to the Parish by the Sisters of Our Lady of Evron.  Bishop Mark paid a very warm tribute to Sr. Gertrude and the sisters during the Mass.  We wish Sr. Gertrude a very happy and well deserved retirement.

Family Groups - The Vigil Mass (7pm) next Saturday will be dedicated to the retired parishioners - past and present. Members of the Choir and the Organist will lead us in some traditional hymns.  Light refreshments will be afterwards.            Ian & Caths Family Group are meeting for a BBQ and Games Night on Thursday 23rd July at 7.30pm in the Presbytery.       There is a Summer gathering with seasonal refreshments for all the groups and the extended family of the Parish on Sunday 27th after 10 a.m. Mass. The Parish Centre has been booked, and hopefully with good weather the courtyard can also be in use. Everyone is welcome.

St. Vincent de Paul Society -next meeting is on Monday, 21st July at 7.30 p.m. after Mass. While the number of volunteers is quite small there is a determination to press ahead. Let us know of people who would welcome a visit.

Our Lady's School - Fr. Pat and Fr. Tomasz will celebrate Mass with the School community on Tuesday at 10 a.m in Church, to which everyone is welcome.  Congratulations to year 6 children on the excellence of their academic achievement. We wish children, staff and parents a very happy and safe holiday.

Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes   Some 900 pilgrims from all over the diocese and of ages from less than 1 year old to 95 years old, will be making their way to Lourdes on Wednesday and Thursday for the annual diocesan pilgrimage led by the Bishop.  All are invited to join in praying for the intentions of the pilgrimage which are:-

  • Ø that all who come as pilgrims to Lourdes may share in the "joy of conversion," each accepting the call of Pope Francis to "a renewed personal encounter with Jesus Christ" (Evangelii Gaudium n.3).

  • Ø for peace in our world and reconciliation in our lives as we mark the centenary of the Great War with a "Year for Reconciliation" in the Shrewsbury Diocese.

  • Ø for the strengthening of families in time of crisis and for couples preparing for the great vocation of marriage.

  • Ø for the elderly and most vulnerable in our society that their rights and dignity may be upheld.

  • Ø for vocations to the Priesthood and the Consecrated Life. We entrust especially the new initiative at Shrewsbury for the discernment of vocations to the Priesthood to the prayers of Our Lady of Lourdes.

Ordination to the Priesthood - Fr. Anthony McGrath who was ordained a Priest for the Diocese on Saturday (19th) at St. Joseph's Church, Sale.  We wish him many years of happiness and joy in his ministry.  Fr. Pat, Fr. Tomasz and Deacon Peter were privileged to be present at the Ordination.

Recent Christenings -We welcome into the family of God, Ava-Louise Sergio Boden and Wezley Ryan-Junior Boden who were baptised Sunday, 13th. We rejoice with the family at this special time.

Our Lady's Theatre Group need more adults (16+) to take part , Accrington Pals,.  Casting meeting 7pm to 9pm Wednesday 30th July at Flint Street, Edgeley.  Ring Sheila 480-2661



Tuesday, 8th July 2014

Present:          Fr Pat, Peter Lafferty, Michael Heath, Hazel Dove, Mary Heaney, Bill Walker, Mary Varley, Ian Donegani and Jo Jalecz.

Fr Pat opened the meeting with a reflection on the Gospel for the 15th Sunday which is all about the sower and where the seed falls.

Fr Pat was assured of the Forum's support when he takes on the additional duties of St Bernadette's.

1. Stress should be on being a "welcoming" parish. Suggested that we invite other ethnicities to act as welcomers at the beginning of the Masses. How is this to be done? A personal approach to people seems to work the best. ACTION -can all attendees try to action this particularly for the 10am Mass..

2. The setting up of a Parish Forum to progress matters within the parish is a good way forward. ACTION - all parishioners should be told about the Forum and invited to join. Via the newsletter?

3. A date of 19th October has been set aside for a Parish "Mission" or Day of Recollection hopefully led by Sr. Catherine. Fr Pat has already been in touch with Sr Catherine. To follow the 10am Sunday Mass. What is the format? What are the possible gains? ACTION - the hall needs booking. Refreshments need to be decided upon. Eventually to be advertised via the newsletter.

(A point not covered at this meeting was Ian's suggestion of using Pin Point as a tool. This needs to be discussed).

4. The date of Saturday, 26th July at the 7pm Mass was confirmed for a Mass for the people who attend the Coffee Mornings, former choristers from Our Lady's and surrounding parishes. ACTION - an organist needs to be booked. Tea/coffee in the presbytery after Mass needs organising. Former members need to be contacted. Advertising via the newsletter.

5. The date of Sunday, 27th July after the 10am Mass was confirmed as a joint family groups function but, this time, with a shared table. Fr Pat has already booked the hall. There will be activities for the children. ACTION - needs advertising via the newsletter to invite whole parish.

6. It was decided that a new approach to Baptism preparation lies further down the line.

7. A further parish visit to Pantasaph was discussed and a date in August was thought to be best. ACTION - Peter to progress this.

8. Parish Handbook. A draft copy was circulated which prompted further suggestions for inclusion: the altar servers / the piety stall + papers / the Prayer Group / Sunday Bingo / Mary Walsh as church Sacristan / Parish Forum / the word "welcome" in different languages. A date of the beginning of Advent for its issue was agreed. ACTION - Mary Heaney + Mary Varley handling. If any further ideas spring to mind, contact them.

Date of next meeting - Tuesday, 9th September at 7.30pm in the presbytery.

Note: items not discussed which need to be brought forward: the setting of short/medium/long term goals;  using Pin Point at the Mission;  Baptism preparation;  a possible Alpha course;  bereavement support.

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